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I know– eating sugar when you’re stressed or feeling low is just what happens. I do it, too!

But, eating sugar when you’re stressed is a total catch-22.

Eating simple carbs (without fat or protein) releases tryptophan in your body. At first, you feel all soothed and relaxed. But, then, you feel sleepy. The swing in blood sugar can actually cause your mood to drop. As your mood drops and your energy gets lower, what do you do? read more

Staying Motivated (even when you want all the cookies) thumbnail

Maybe you said to yourself that you’re going to get it “right” this year.

You’re going to really take care of your body. Prep meals ahead on the weekend. Eat that kale salad. Work out. Get to bed early. 

You totally rocked it in January (yes, girl! That’s awesome). 

But, in the past few days, you’ve noticed you’re getting a little more lax. read more


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