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I first made these delicious muffins back in December when I had leftover orange juice and cranberries in the fridge. I’ve been wanting to share them ever since, but it seems like I always had too many ripe bananas that needed to be made into Banana Harvest Muffins first. 

These coconut flour muffins are gluten free, grain free and made with natural maple syrup. read more

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In life, it seems important that we find what makes us comfortable. Find the friends who love us. Find a yoga studio or a gym that just feels right. Find a wall color that suits or a couch that’s perfect (for binge watching Outlander). We’re all striving to belong, be loved and give love. It’s important that we find what feels good.

It’s also important that we have energy to do the things that make us happy and feel fulfilled, to stay alert and focused through the afternoon slump, and to sleep soundly at night. 

Eating the right food provides the fuel we need to seek fulfilling work and activities. Eating the right food will help us feel focused and energized in the afternoon. Eating the right food can even help us sleep better. After all, what we put in our mouth feeds our cells and influences our health, mood, focus, energy and behavior. What we eat is everything. 

But, what’s “right?”  read more


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