Learn to Love Brussels Sprouts– 3 Ways thumbnail

Raise your hand if you think you don’t like Brussels Sprouts. 

These guys get such a bad reputation! Maybe you remember those stinky little cabbages on your plate as a kid.

You’re not quite sure how to cook them, so you choose different veggies each week at the grocery store and ignore the little Brussels. 

But, here’s the thing– Brussels sprouts are really good for you. Like, crazy good. 

Right now, you’re probably asking why Brussels? Can’t I just eat broccoli and cabbage and kale?  read more

Healthy Hot Chocolate and Clean Chocolate Ginger Cookies thumbnail

Snow day! 

Home from work. Grab a blanket. Watch a movie or read a book. Bake. 

Maybe you go outside and shovel snow (hey– it’s exercise!) or you go sledding with the kiddos. My favorite snow day activity is bundling up and going for a walk at dusk. It’s so quiet. Everything is clear and clean-looking. It’s this gorgeous gift from mother nature.

Then, it’s time to go inside for hot chocolate and cookies. Perfect snow day comfort food! I know you don’t have a problem enjoying hot chocolate or cookies (hell no!), but you probably want a good, healthy option. read more


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