We all have so much we want to do in a day, right? Work, working out, eating right, spending time with the kids, time with our partner or spouse, time for ourselves, chores. It can feel never ending. 

I definitely don’t have the answer to getting it all done, but I do know the very first step– eating well. 

Eating good food is what allows you to thrive. It’s what gives you the energy to be able to do all these things, without burning out. 

Here are a few of the snacks I’ve been loving lately. They give me energy to get through busy afternoons and they’re quick and easy to prepare.  read more

Apple Pie Overnight Oats thumbnail

Overnight oats are the perfect summer breakfast or snack because there’s NO cooking. No heating up your kitchen. They’re also great for busy school mornings because there’s NO cooking. If you’ve had a busy weekend and didn’t get a chance for involved meal prep, overnight oats can save Monday morning. Why? ‘Cause you don’t have to cook these guys!

It takes 5 minutes to prep one week’s worth and they make great snacks. read more


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