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When the weather gets cold, it’s hard for me to drink smoothies. I’d much rather wrap my hands around a mug of hot tea! You feel me?

But, sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get back to blending. 

A Vanilla Chai Smoothie did that for me. I was scrolling my instagram feed when this interior designer I follow posted a gorgeous picture of her living room all decorated for the holidays– and she was drinking a vanilla chai smoothie. 

Doesn’t it sound amazing? That was enough to get me back into the smoothie game!

It’s sweet and decadent, but healthy too.  read more

How to get through the holidays (and not need a detox after!) thumbnail

It’s December and you know what that means…

The eating season has begun! 

Plates of cookies. Candy canes everywhere. Creamy, delicious eggnog (my fav!). Holiday parties. Brunches. Mimosas. Desserts. Mom’s cinnamon rolls. Grandma’s gingerbread. Treats every damn day at work. 

First, let’s just acknowledge that we’re incredibly lucky to have all this food and these sweet treats available to us.  

But, how do we navigate the holidays, aka the eating season, without feeling bloated, run down, broken out and just plain crappy? read more


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