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I’ve had  a long and sordid history with pudding.

I have a distinct memory of sitting ’round the table as a child enjoying a bowl of chocolate pudding. Jell-o brand, I’m sure. Chocolate. There were little lumps in the batch and I thought mom put little pieces of dried onion in it. Why? Don’t know. For years I thought onions were an ingredient in chocolate pudding. Ha!

As a teen, my friend and I would make a batch of pistachio pudding after ballet class and eat the whole thing (it was made with skim milk, so it was ok! So we thought). All that gorgeous green food coloring!

When my dad was sick with cancer, I made him his favorite dessert– banana pudding. I insisted on making it from scratch because I didn’t want him to have those Jell-o chemicals and flavorings, but apparently, it didn’t taste so good. A little pastey and it went into the garbage. :(

I first had Chocolate Avocado pudding at a restaurant Dan and I would visit on special occasions when we lived in Maryland. I honestly thought about this dessert for months, if not years, later.  read more

Zucchini Noodles thumbnail

Zucchini noodles are the perfect no-cook meal for hot summer nights. Eat ‘em as your main dish or have them on the side with some grilled fish. Holy yum!

They’re quick and easy– did I mention there’s no cooking involved?! You won’t have that heavy, tired feeling you get after a big plate of spaghetti and it’s a great way to use up some garden bounty. read more


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