Creamy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie thumbnail

It’s pumpkin season! I’ve always been a pumpkin pie lover. Really, pumpkin anything– pumpkin crumble, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin roll. I’ll take it all!

But, sadly, I can’t eat all those desserts all the time. Instead, I make this pumpkin pie smoothie. read more

17 easy ways to drink more water thumbnail

Drinking enough water is one of the “rules” of healthy eating that we’ve all heard of. Eight to 12 glasses a day, right? But, are you really drinking enough?

I ask because so many days I find myself gulping down a few glasses right before bed. Usually,  I’ve just realized I haven’t met the mark (because I’m thirsty!). Now that I’m breast feeding, I am thirsty. all. the. time. It’s no joke. I have water glasses set up around the house, lest I find myself stuck under a nursing baby with an intense thirst.

Getting an adequate amount of water each day is vital for your body and your mood. Constipation, irritability, headaches, acne, and dry skin are all related to dehydration. read more


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