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I’ve loved Mexican food for a long, long time. The flavors are so in line with what I crave– bright cilantro, smokey heat, the rich spiciness from chili powder. Tomatoes. Onion. Black beans. Lime. Tequila. Margaritas and sangria.  Yum. 

For the longest time I was baffled by enchilada sauce– I always thought it would be difficult to make. When we moved to a small town and my only option was Old El Paso– complete with added color and hydrolyzed soy/corn protein– I hopped on the interwebs to search out a clean recipe. You know what I discovered? It’s actually really easy to make! Almost as easy as opening a can.  read more

Kale Caesar Salad thumbnail

For years, I avoided Caesar salad. Years. 

I just thought it was a waste of salad. Lettuce, cheese and croutons- while delicious- didn’t pack the nutrient punch I liked my salads to have. 

That all changed when I was pregnant, though. Caesar salad was all I wanted to eat towards the end. At the time, we lived in a small town and I just couldn’t get that taste I was seeking at the local restaurants. I was also a tad concerned about the possibility of raw egg in the dressing (as it traditionally has) and I still didn’t love the low nutrient profile of romaine, bread and Parmesan. 

So, I developed this delicious version. read more


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