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If you love chocolate, then keep reading. 

I wasn’t going to share this recipe. I was going to keep it exclusive to my Clean Eating Challenge, but these brownies are too good not to share. 

These brownie bites taste like delicious fudgy brownies, except they have no added sugar. They’re also rich in fiber, minerals and healthy fats. And, they happen to be gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free. 

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make. read more

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Summertime = ice cream. 

Ice cream trucks in the neighborhood. Ice cream on the back porch. A walk through town or down the boardwalk with an ice cream cone in hand.

It’s easy to go for the cold, creamy treats when it’s hot outside. And, for those who can tolerate it, ice cream is great every once in awhile. 

But, what do we do on those other nights? After working in the garden or going for a long walk or squeezing in a workout, you want something cold and sweet, but, you also want something that’s going to nourish and hydrate. Something that will give you energy– not make you feel bloated or tired.  read more


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