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Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve been thinking about the treats I enjoyed as a child so I can make them for Benny. Cookies, cake, ice cream– you know, the standard stuff. I also loved {LOVED} pudding (read more about it here and grab another yummy pudding recipe) and have wanted to find a recipe that’s easy to make, tastes awesome and has great ingredients.

Well, friends, I’ve found it! read more

Almost White Bean Chicken Chili thumbnail

There’s a teeny-tiny rebel in me. I wear jeans to work sometimes. I punch in odd numbers to cook food in the microwave (1 minute, 13 seconds). I’ll watch or read a series out of order.

So, I just couldn’t make all-white bean chicken chili. It’s too…boring. I had to mix it up a bit with the red, beautiful kidney beans. But, you don’t have to. You can keep the colors white and bright, if you’d like.

I’ve made this Almost White Bean Chicken Chili (AWBCC) nearly every week this winter. It’s lighter then tomato-based chili, yet still warming and filling. It comes together quickly, leftovers just get better and it freezes really well. read more


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