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Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I want to share a quick and clean cranberry sauce recipe to dress up your thanksgiving table this year. I used to love the jellied sauce in a can– the familiar jiggle, the can-made indents, the sweet-tart taste. At some point, my mom began making her own cranberry sauce and I couldn’t quite figure out how she made it. I figured it had to be difficult, time-consuming and have loads of ingredients. 

So wrong.  read more

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The holidays are nearly upon us (crazy, right?!) and so are those yummy holiday treats– hot chocolate, candy canes, sugar cookies, eggnog, gingerbread and so much more.

I’m all for savoring favorite sweets this time of year, but it’s really easy to overindulge… and that’s where we get into trouble. Bloat, low energy, too tight jeans. Not fun.

My strategy for the holidays is to only enjoy the treats I really, really love. And, girl, I love a gingerbread latte. Really, any sweet drink will do, but I especially love the gingery warmth. So, I created a clean gingerbread latte recipe a few years ago and it’s freaking delicious. I wanted to share it again. read more


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