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The idea for this recipe came to me one cold and rainy night when I was craving corn bread and some stick-to-your-ribs food. I had just put Benny to sleep and needed a high nutrient meal that would come together quickly. This black bean sweet potato chili was perfect! read more


Wow! Taking care of a bebe and taking care of myself is exhausting. Between nighttime nursing sessions, daytime nursing sessions, laundry, cooking, coaching clients and now returning to my part-time job I feel like I might lose it! And, I’ve noticed when I’m feeling more stressed or getting less sleep, my milk production decreases. On top of that, returning to work means having to pump and be away from sweet Benny.

Look at this face!!

Ben 2mo

I know a lot of us breast-feeding mamas experience a change in milk supply once we return to work, so I wanted to share what’s working me me to keep the supply strong. read more


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