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So many of us struggle with sugar. We know we eat too much of it, but it’s so hard to make the cravings go away.

We want to get control and finally fix our destructive habits, but it seems impossible to stay on track for more than a couple weeks.

We try all the tricks– chewing gum, drinking a glass of water, eating dried fruit instead of a peanut butter cup. And, yes, those things work for awhile.

But, those tricks won’t solve the problem because they’re like a band aid. They don’t address the root cause.

Instead, we want to learn how to manage the sugar craving– from the inside out. 

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Over the next week, I’ll be sharing seven different strategies you can use to manage sugar cravings so that you desire it less, you can pass by the candy jar at work and maybe lose a few pounds– if that’s your goal.

Check out my first strategy here:


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That’s it! Let me know in the comments below your plan for getting more sleep.

I’ll be back with the next strategy to control sugar cravings tomorrow. 

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