Katie HainesYou’re frustrated because you think you should really “get” healthy eating by now.

You know that eating well helps you feel good and it drives you crazy that you can’t seem to stick with it longer than a few weeks.

You’re so done with beating yourself up for falling off the wagon, but you’re not sure how to lose weight without counting everything that goes in your mouth. You really want to enjoy food, without that guilty feeling you get when you’ve had a cupcake (or three).

I work with women who’ve had success in so many areas of their lives, but haven’t nailed healthy eating or been able to stay at their goal weight yet. They’re done counting points and want to enjoy wine and chocolate without guilt. I help simplify healthy eating so they can stick with it, keep the weight off and feel amazing.

I used to have the worst relationship with food. 

Growing up a ballet dancer, my friends and I were all very body conscious. The prevailing dietary trend was fat-free and I bought into it. I thought I needed to be thin to be a successful dancer and it made sense that fat-free foods would help me get there.

My diet was filled with fat-free everything– salad dressing, frozen yogurt, cookies. I thought that because it was fat-free, that meant it was good for me. And, I had no concept of portions. I didn’t just have a couple fat-free cookies—I had ten!

Back then, I never had the level of energy I’d wanted and I always felt bloated. I had near constant sugar cravings and ate a lot of candy (but, it was fat-free, so it was ok).

I could never just eat. If I ate a piece of pizza, I would calculate how long I had to workout to work it off. There was this constant chatter in my head, always tallying up calories and always thinking about what I would eat next.

This unhealthy relationship with food continued long after I stopped dancing. All of the foods that were previously forbidden flooded my diet. McDonalds. Ben and Jerry’s. I also picked up some unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes (yuck) and too many drinks with friends on weekends. It was fun, but I was way out of balance.

Control wasn’t working any more. 

I heaped on the guilt in an effort to make better choices. Control was the only way I knew how to keep my eating in line, but it wasn’t working that well anymore. I was so sick of constantly thinking about food.

Then, I faced a huge wake-up call when my dad died at 64. I quickly realized that life can be unbelievably short and it finally hit me– I was spending so much time and energy on feeling guilty, counting calories, and hating my reflection in the mirror, that I was never in the present moment. I wasn’t really living my life.

A few months later, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder, and I knew. I knew it was time to make some real changes. I was so ready. I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and finally learned not only how to eat right for my body, but I learned how to be ok around food.

As I started to really understand how to eat and how to do it without counting points or heaping on loads of guilt, I realized I could help other women, too.

I had to make healthy eating easier. 

When I began coaching, something I kept hearing from clients was how overwhelming it felt to eat clean and healthy all the time. To be honest, I felt overwhelmed sometimes, too.

I knew I had to find ways to make healthy eating easier. Sometimes, it felt like I spent all weekend planning, prepping, and cooking. I knew if I wanted this to be sustainable for me, and if I wanted it to feel easier for my clients, I had to find a better way.

I got serious about finding shortcuts that made it easy to get a healthy meal on the table, even after a long and busy day. I developed go-to snacks and dinners that I can make whenever life gets crazy-busy. I created strategies for meal planning that gave me hours back so I could finally have some downtime on the weekends.

These days, I feel pretty darn good. 

I have more energy than I did in high school. I eat healthy foods because I want to, not because I “should.” I don’t have to diet to stay at a comfortable weight. My jeans fit– I got rid of the “fat pants” long ago.

I love food and I don’t feel guilty after eating. I savor treats and fully enjoy them (without the mean girl chatter in the background).

More important, I feel like I’m fully engaged in life now. It’s much easier to live in the present moment, when I’m not constantly thinking about food. That means I can focus on the things that are important to me– my family, my health, and helping other women make healthy eating easier.

When we eat well, everything changes. 

When we learn how to eat well, and how to stick with it, everything changes. We have more energy and can think more clearly. We can be a better partner and a better mom. We can run exceptional businesses and create the things we want to see in the world. We can become the best versions of ourselves.

If you’re ready to feel amazing and finally make healthy eating second nature, I’d love to connect with you. To learn more about how I can help you make healthy eating easy, click here.