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You eat pretty healthy… except for the sugar. You know you should have control over this by now, but that sweet tooth is totally calling the shots.

You want to be able to have one cookie, not five. And, walk by the candy jar at work without grabbing a piece every time.

You’re tired of losing those last 10 pounds over and over again. You know it’s the sugar cravings that get you off track, but you don’t know how to fix it.

You’re ready to stop letting sugar control your life- for good! 

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You know how important it is to eat healthy, exercise, and take care of your body, and yet you can’t make yourself stick with it.

You’re busy. You know you should be eating better, but drive-thru and frozen meals make it a whole lot easier to get dinner on the table. The problem? All that quick food has made your clothes feel uncomfortably tight.

You’re beat. Life is pretty demanding and by the time 8 p.m. rolls around, you just collapse on the couch. Weekends are jam-packed with activities and it seems like you never get a chance to catch up.

You’re frustrated because you thought you’d be better at this by now. You’re so tired of being on a diet and it seems like you’ll never get to that place where you like what you see in the mirror.

Life feels out of balance and you want to fix it– now. 

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What clients have said about working with Katie 

I feel like I am finally learning to eat correctly and know how much (or little) effort is required. 

I had too many things going on in June, but I feel like I can do this now anytime. I love the smoothie recipes. I bought a vitamix a few months ago and am finally using it. Not only are the recipes so good and easy, all the additional handouts are so incredibly helpful. I feel like I am finally learning to eat correctly and know how much (or little) effort is required.

Thank you, Katie! You made it so easy to follow and fun. I loved the daily emails and looked forward to the new recipes.

ANNE GRIEVES | 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I liked that there were many different types of recipes; it wasn’t boring and repetitive like eating plans I had tried previously.

I am much more organized in the kitchen. It really helped me want to cook after work when I knew I had all the ingredients because the shopping list was already made. I also feel more confident cooking and learned how to use some new ingredients. After the 30 day challenge, I feel like clean eating is a much more obtainable goal for me. I went from having only a few go-to healthy recipes to having an arsenal. I also have more energy and have been making a ton of smoothies!

JULIENNE B. |30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

I am more aware of what is in the food I purchase, and have found ways to still get the things I want without the junk I don’t want.

I already have been eating what I consider to be pretty clean for a number of years, so I wasn’t sure how much more I had left to learn. Hah! Shows what I know, I learned a lot!! I have more awareness of food labels, choosing to make things at home with known ingredients and avoiding chemicals and additives. Made my own almond milk!

I loved all of the PDFs about various clean eating topics, and the RECIPES! Those are all really valuable resources and are useful for newbies AND for people who already eat pretty healthy. Turns out a few of my favorite things? FULL OF CHEMICAL CRAP! I am more aware of what is in the food I purchase, and have found ways to still get the things I want without the junk I don’t want.

CATHERINE JELLISON | 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

“Katie is fantastic! She helps you find what it is you need without all the guilt and worry that other classes, trainers or coaches sometimes impart. She held me accountable and kept at me to keep going—to the point that, by the end, I kept at myself. I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been.” 

KATY HYPES | Private Coaching

“In the beginning, I did not know if I could do the program or stick with it. I did stick with it and Katie is a JOY to work with. I cook more. I chop fresh veggies. I am reading food labels now. I don’t eat out everyday. We make guacamole every week and have shared the easy recipe with others. Katie is phenomenal– she is very knowledgeable, energetic, and personable.” 

STEPHANIE W.| Private Coaching

“Working with Katie one-on-one has helped me slow down and enjoy the small moments in life. I am drinking a lot more water; I stopped eating frozen meals and discovered I enjoy spinach & kale in breakfast smoothies! The grocery store tour was a big eye-opener. I loved our cooking sessions and now have lots of healthy recipes. I’m breathing through the tough stuff and learned some great relaxation techniques. This program helps make both your mind and your body healthy.”

JENN H. | Private Coaching

“While on the Winter Cleanse, I noticed that my energy levels during the day were stronger—I didn’t feel like I needed a nap at 3:00 p.m. I enjoyed trying new foods and cooking real food again. I liked the recipes and the support from Katie. I have a greater awareness of what my body needs and learned that it is not always about weight loss…you can feel satisfied and still manage your weight.”

RUTH COOK | Winter Cleanse

“Since participating in the Winter Cleanse, I definitely have a healthy food glow! I have not had any migraines and the inflammation in my foot due to my arthritis has decreased greatly! I feel motivated and it has been easier to start the day earlier. We didn’t waste any food – you did an excellent job with portion sizes with the recipes and shopping lists. I am looking forward to learning more. Thank you for the resources you provided and your time. You are very supportive!”

NICOLE BOYLE | Winter Cleanse

“Participating in the Winter Cleanse was a jump start to a healthier and more mindful way of eating. I am so excited to have discovered how delicious green smoothies are! Breakfast is no longer a problem…and I will continue with these daily! I’ve learned where to spend my grocery budget on organic and to stop and THINK before putting something in my mouth. I have felt good through this process (other than the horrible caffeine-withdrawal headache) AND, I am down 6 pounds! Thanks, Katie, for your time and nurturing!”

CYNDY | Winter Cleanse

“My skin issues seemed to disappear for the most part. I liked the recipes and learning specific techniques, such as starting each day with warm water. Now, most of my days begin with ginger tea and kale/blueberry smoothies. I am also more conscientious about the amount of water I drink, and I plan to incorporate some of the dinner recipes in my meals. It was a great learning experience that exposes people to different lifestyle alternatives that they may not be familiar with.” 

MIKE CUTLIP | Winter Cleanse

“I feel like I have been on a “diet” since I was little, so I was hesitant that anything could help me make the lifestyle change I had been seeking for so long. I now feel more hopeful that I can achieve the lifestyle shift I seek; I have experienced cooking and eating the diet that makes me feel truly healthy and energetic. I sometimes still struggle and “fall of the wagon” but I notice the bottom is higher now and it is easier to bounce back into the positive habits I developed in your program.”

DABNEY B | Private Coaching