End Sugar Cravings Now! 

You tell yourself you should have control over this by now. But, you keep giving into those nighttime sugar cravings and your jeans are feeling tighter and tighter.  

It’s not like you’re always eating junk. You’ll have a great week where you’re eating healthy and it seems like you’ve finally got your sugar cravings figured out.

Then, you see the cookies your husband brought home from work. You try telling yourself how great you’re doing, to keep at it, and just have one cookie. Suddenly, one cookie turns to four, with a dish of ice cream and two glasses of wine.

The sugar wins every time. You’re so tired of feeling out of control.  

It feels like you’ll never get a handle on it. You’re worried you’ll never be able to just eat– without tallying points and heaping on guilt– and you’ll never get back to your ideal weight. You’ll never be able to just relax and feel good in your own skin.

But, it can be different.

Imagine opening the freezer to see your favorite Ben and Jerry’s pint– it’s been there for almost a month because you enjoy a couple spoonfuls only when you really want it.

You’re able to bypass the office candy jar, even after a long and stressful day. You know how to handle those in-the-moment cravings and you choose to have it or you can walk away. Those little peanut butter cups no longer rule you or throw you off track.

You can enjoy birthday cake and wine without an ounce of guilt. You know how to indulge in what you want and then return to healthy eating. Maintaining your weight is effortless.

You’re ready to stop letting sugar control your life- for good!

And I can help.

I work with women who feel like they just haven’t nailed healthy eating or been able to get a handle on their cravings. They’re ready to stop counting points and also enjoy wine and chocolate without guilt or regret.

I’ll help you put sugar-busting strategies in place that will give you the confidence to move forward so you can maintain your ideal weight, have loads of energy and finally make healthy eating stick.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Understand the sources of sugar cravings so that you can regain control and stop sabotaging your diet.  

  • Know exactly what to eat to satisfy a craving and still stay on track.

  • Have the tools in place to manage cravings for a lifetime so you can change your relationship with sugar. Eating healthy (without deprivation) becomes second nature.

  • Feel more confident and comfortable in your body. You’ll learn how to make changes to your diet without obsessing, enforcing crazy restrictions or heaping on the guilt.

Your End Cravings Now program includes:

Sugar Cravings Assessment

With this assessment, we’ll get to the bottom of your cravings and identify why they continue to trip you up. We’ll troubleshoot your problem areas so you can more easily cultivate new, healthier habits and stop your sweet tooth from taking over.

Strategy Session

In this 90 minute coaching session, we’ll develop your personalized strategy to control your sugar habit. We’ll delve into the nitty gritty of your diet to uncover the root cause of your cravings. And, you’ll learn what habits are holding you back, keeping you and sugar locked in a struggle.

Your Personalized Sugar Cravings Game Plan

After our Strategy Session, you’ll receive your personalized game plan to help you finally move beyond the cravings so you learn how to be normal around sugar, without relying on willpower and control. You’ll have actionable strategies to put into place that go way beyond “drink more water” or “brush your teeth to keep from snacking.”

Build on Your Success

After our call, you’ll test out your strategies for two weeks. I’m available to answer all of your questions as they come up (and they will!). I’ll also send you delicious no-sugar recipes and shopping guides to help you make better choices when eating on the go.

Stick With It Follow Up Session

After two weeks, we’ll connect for a follow-up coaching call and discuss your progress. We’ll make any necessary tweaks so you have the best plan in place to continue to reduce cravings and keep eating well, no matter what life throws at you.


By signing up for the End Cravings Now package, you’ll learn exactly what to do when that craving strikes. You’ll know how to pass by the candy dish and also how to indulge when you want to– without guilt or going overboard.  

You’ll feel amazing because you’re fueling your body with the food it needs to thrive, you’ll conquer your cravings AND you’ll know how to keep it going.

Investment: $249

Ready to finally move beyond your sugar habit? Sign up:

  1. Make your payment here.

  2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with a link to the Cravings Assessment.

  3. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll be guided to a link to schedule your strategy session and finally figure out how to control your cravings for sugar.


Questions? Email me: katie@simplycleanmeals.com

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