3 Healthy Swaps for Pizza

3 Healthy Swaps for Pizza thumbnail

Pizza… is delicious. 

What’s not to love? Chewy crust. Sauce. Veggies. Cheese. 

Pizza is a go-to comfort food for a lot of us. It’s easy to pick one up on the way home from work or pop a frozen pizza in the oven (there are so many healthy options these days!). Serve it with a salad and … yum. Not a bad meal. 

But sometimes you want something a little lighter. Something healthy, not heavy.  read more


Smoothie For Beautiful Skin

Smoothie For Beautiful Skin thumbnail

I know what you’re thinking– “Can drinking a smoothie really make my skin look better? ”

Well, yeah– it might.   read more


9 Healthy and Easy Snack Swaps thumbnail

At some point in the day, a lot of us find ourselves mindlessly snacking. Maybe you’re hungry. Maybe you’re bored, or stressed, or tired. 

But, if you don’t have good snacks on hand, you might find yourself eating whatever is in front of you, like tortilla chips, work-birthday-party cupcakes, gummy bears, and way too many pretzels.  

You know there are better snacks out there, but you don’t have time to wander through the grocery store reading the ingredients on every last snack bag.  read more


Healthy snacks to bring to the pool or beach thumbnail

Ladies, do you ever just want a quiet beach day? Or a pool day. 

To just sit in the shade and read magazines. And nap. And drink. And eat. And, imagine being transported there, with all the food and supplies waiting for you. 

Isn’t it funny how there’s so much to do to get ready for one of these days? Going to the beach (especially with kids) involves a lot of stuff.  The last thing we feel like adding to the to-do list is grocery shopping and meal prep. read more


Raspberry Lemonade Cocktails and Mocktails thumbnail

Sometimes you’re tired of wine or you just want something cold to sip while you’re sitting on the porch on a hot summer afternoon. And sometimes, you want a drink without the booze all together. 

I usually avoid fruity and sweet mixed drinks, but sometimes (like in the summah time) they just sound… right. 

These Raspberry Lemonade Cocktails are lightly sweetened and are a gorgeous bold pink. They’re great to serve at a girls beach trip or hanging around the pool. read more


Healthy Brownie Bites

Healthy Brownie Bites thumbnail

If you love chocolate, then keep reading. 

I wasn’t going to share this recipe. I was going to keep it exclusive to my Clean Eating Challenge, but these brownies are too good not to share. 

These brownie bites taste like delicious fudgy brownies, except they have no added sugar. They’re also rich in fiber, minerals and healthy fats. And, they happen to be gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free. 

Plus, they’re incredibly easy to make. read more


Frozen Pineapple Whip

Frozen Pineapple Whip thumbnail

Summertime = ice cream. 

Ice cream trucks in the neighborhood. Ice cream on the back porch. A walk through town or down the boardwalk with an ice cream cone in hand.

It’s easy to go for the cold, creamy treats when it’s hot outside. And, for those who can tolerate it, ice cream is great every once in awhile. 

But, what do we do on those other nights? After working in the garden or going for a long walk or squeezing in a workout, you want something cold and sweet, but, you also want something that’s going to nourish and hydrate. Something that will give you energy– not make you feel bloated or tired.  read more


3 Salads Perfect for a BBQ

3 Salads Perfect for a BBQ thumbnail

You’ve got a lot of parties and BBQs coming up and you want to bring something healthy. 

Your grab-and-go default is veggies and hummus (and who doesn’t love that?!), but maybe you have the time to step it up and make something homemade. 

But, what?  read more


3 Ways to Stay on Track and Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals thumbnail

You’re finally back to eating healthy. Woot!

Not only are you eating well again, but you’re exercising, sleeping soundly and your clothes are fitting better, too. You feel so fired up– like you could do anything! And, you love that you’re feeling more comfortable in your body. 

Life just feels really good and you want to keep it that way.  read more


Spinach Banana Muffins

Spinach Banana Muffins thumbnail

Do your kids eat spinach? 

Mine doesn’t yet (I still have hope, because he’s only 2!)

Green veggies are an important part of a healthy diet, but sometimes they’re hard to fit in– especially when you’re dealing with picky eaters. Spinach is high in vitamin K (important for bone health), magnesium, iron, and a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals. 

Baby spinach is one the first greens I recommend to clients just getting back to healthy eating. It’s so versatile! Use it in salads and soup, saute it with garlic, and now, put it in a muffin–  a banana chocolate chip muffin.  read more