How to make a sugar detox feel easy

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You’ve thought about doing a sugar detox, but that word– detox– has you hiding under the covers (with some hot chocolate and Netflix).

It sounds horrible, right?

No chocolate. No wine. No salted-caramel almond milk mocha.

Just thinking about it has every cell in your body saying NO! I need my wine. I like my dark chocolate. Don’t take it away– it’s THE thing I look forward to every night.

Maybe you’re scared you won’t be able to do it. That you’ll fail.

Or worse– that you’ll be successful and complete the challenge, but then slip right back into your old habits.

And, yet, you’re thinking about it.

You want to stop feeling out of control around sugar.

You want to lose those last few pounds. You want to stop raiding the kitchen or hitting the office break room at 4 p.m. because you’re feeling shaky and hangry. You want to get this figured out.

What if I told you that a sugar detox can be pretty awesome? That you can feel really good, have steady energy, and not feel deprived.

And, that you can begin to identify your emotional triggers and learn how to design your diet so that you actually crave sugar less after the detox ends?

If you want to increase your odds for success in your next 7 Day No Sugar Challenge (or even a Whole 30 or Cleanse), and make it feel a whole lot easier to stick with, follow these guidelines:

#1: Be prepared.

The most critical success tip– be prepared! Meal prep. Plan ahead. Cook ahead. You can’t wing it. You’ll have a better chance at not only sticking to the sugar detox, but making it feel easy.

#2: Do it with a group or with a friend.

Changing your diet or doing a detox by yourself is challenging. It’s nice to have a friend, family member or even an online community to share your experience with. Just a head’s up– unless your partner or spouse is totally into it, don’t try to rope them in. Let this be your thang.

#3: Get those treats out of the house.

Easy if you live alone, harder if you live with people. But, there are options! First, don’t keep your favorites in the house the week of the detox. Instead, buy treats they like, but you feel more indifferent about. Next, make sure you have “approved” food on hand that you can eat when a craving hits. Be prepared!

#4: Get super clear on why you’re doing it.

For a variety of reasons, when we make positive changes to our diet, it might rattle some of the people around us. They may make comments or try to tempt you with a sweet treat. It will be easier to rebound from those moments if you know exactly why this detox is important to you. Even if everyone in your life is supportive of it, you’ll want to be able to lean on your “why” when you want to give in.

#5: Think it through and do a mental rehearsal.

Professional athletes use this mindset technique all the time when they want to up their game. Play a scenario in your head to help you think through potential challenges– an office baby shower, Sunday brunch, or birthday dinner. What will you say to your friends when you don’t order a mimosa? What’s your buffet strategy? How can you make it easier on yourself? Is there a food or snack you can bring to share?

#6: Find new rewards

I saw the saying “Don’t reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog.” on social media and it stuck with me. So many of us are conditioned to reward ourselves with treats and drinks, but it’s time to mix things up. Let your sugar detox be an opportunity to find some new rewards and ways to celebrate– a new haircut, a day-trip to museum downtown, a movie, pedicure, or a new book. Whatever works!

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