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It’s a fine balance to strike– doing allll the weekend things, but also finding some downtime to rest and just be still. Household chores, diy house projects, grocery store trips, family events, ball games, recitals, dates, weddings and birthday parties…

…it’s a lot. 

Weekends can be as hectic as weekdays and we can find ourselves rolling into Monday morning feeling run down and in need of a nap. 

And, occasionally, life just happens that way, right? Sometimes we can’t plan around the graduations and 40th birthday parties that fall on the same weekend. 

But, for the weekends that aren’t packed full with special occasions, we can create a plan that will help us thrive. 

We can wake up Monday morning ready to take the week, not just struggle through. We can set ourselves up to eat healthy meals all week long. We can rest and allow our body the time it needs to recover and heal. 

Here are five activities to incorporate into your Sunday routine to help you have a better, more energized week ahead: 

#1: Meal Prep

Take a look at your meal plan for the coming week and see what meals can be made ahead completely. If there’s nothing on the plan that can be made ahead, then see if there are components of meals that can be prepared. Taking small actions like making sauces or marinades and chopping veggies will save time and help you feel more organized. 

>> How it helps: It’s pretty simple– eating well is easier when healthy food is at our fingertips. Doing some food and meal prep on your days off will also save you valuable time during the busy work week. And, with that little bit of extra time, you could squeeze in a 15 minute yoga or Pilates session or just sit down and relax. 

#2: Make lunch for the first 3 days of the week 

Go ahead and put together lunch for yourself for the first couple days of the week (or all 5 days, if you’d prefer). Try my no-tuna salad, this slow-cooker vegetarian chili, or this Clean White Bean Greek Salad

>> How it helps: Everything I said about meal prep applies here, too. By preparing your week-day lunches on the weekend, it frees up time during those hectic mornings (and there’s no need to throw something together at the last minute!). Because you’re eating a great lunch, you’ll likely feel more focused during the afternoon or even have the energy for a late afternoon workout or evening walk with your family. 

#3: Exercise

Make time for movement– even if it’s just a little bit. It can be anything from gardening, to a walk around the neighborhood, to a serious sweat sesh at the gym. Check in and see what your body needs. 

>> How it helps: Keeping your body in action can help set the tone for the upcoming week and make it easier to stay in the habit of exercising. I like to get outside and keep it fun– hiking, long walks, tennis or a game of disk golf. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your family or girlfriends. 

#4: Commit to self-care

Find what activities really help restore your energy. For some people, that’s taking a bath, getting a massage, or reading or watching a movie. For others, it’s visiting with friends or spending some quality time with your spouse or partner. Think about what activities help you relax and unwind, then build some of those into your day. Tune into what your body needs– one week you might need more rest, another week you might want more connection. 

>> How it helps: Committing to self care gives us permission to slow down. Life is busy and sometimes we forget to recharge. By building in a little of that restorative time each week, you’ll be less likely to burn out. You might also find you have more patience, get sick less often and can think more clearly. 

#5: Get in bed early 

Start the week with a good night’s sleep. Get in bed with a cup of tea and a good book and allow yourself that time to relax. 

>> How it helps: Our body does much of its detoxing and repair work while we sleep. Sleep gives our body time to heal and is especially important for those who are managing autoimmune issues or getting over an illness. Plus, we want to begin the week feeling energized and clear-headed. 


If this seems overwhelming, or if your weekends are packed for the foreseeable future, then just start by adding in one of these activities. Every small change we make is worth it. 

Routines and rituals play an important role in our life. They guide us and can help us create the life we want to be living.

Create a Sunday routine that supports your goals and sets you up for success in the upcoming week. This is how we make healthy happen. 

Now, I want to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me what activity you’re going to incorporate into your weekend. Or, tell me– what do you do on Sunday to set yourself up for a better week? I’d love to know!  



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